Kathleen Hirschey

Kathleen Hirschey

School District Taskforce Coordinator

Please Call Me: Kathy

  • A Little Professionally:
    I have always enjoyed working with people. I have worked in various positions over the years. My favorites have always been at schools, spending time with students and staff.
  • A Little Personally:
    I am very interested in learning new things. I am technologically challenged, but fortunately have a “Tech guy.” My son. He teaches me how to use many things, and thanks to him I have mastered using my Smart TV.
  • The Reason I Do my Job:
    I know it will sound corny, but I really want to help people to discover a way to live a happy and healthy life. We all have struggles and hurdles. When I was young, it was very difficult for me to find ways to deal with stress and other problems. I had two people who worked at my school, who were instrumental in helping me to discover so many things about myself and new ways to see the world. I hope that I can have a positive impact on the people I work with. I also have learned so much over the years from the young people I have had the pleasure of interacting with.
  • Favorite Snack:
  • Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage:
  • Hobbies:
    Writing, reading, hiking. This winter I started snowshoeing, and I loved it.
My dogs name is Hazel.  She is tiny but powerful. She does not like snowshoeing.

My dogs name is Hazel. She is tiny but powerful. She does not like snowshoeing.

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